Friday, July 3, 2009

Home Improvements or Demolition

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DH and I have decided to "spruce" up the home. We've ripped up the carpet, torn down all the trim from the walls, ripped up the linoleum from the kitchen [with helps from the Poms]... I'm not sure where the "Home Improvement" part comes in... But I do see "Home Demolition" going on!

The fun part is while I'm sitting here writing about this, DH is busy [very busy] doing dry wall repairs. WHILE listening to some great oldies from the late 70's and 80's. [Our generation of music, of course!] We live in a mobile home so when I said all the trim for the walls were removed that means where every piece of dry wall meets is trim. Now that means we have to apply joint compound to those gaps [some of the gaps really are craters!] to make the walls seamless - like all walls should be! We have our work cut out for us... Or rather DH does! :-)

List of work to be done...
  • Make walls seamless
  • Paint walls
  • Apply bead-board up at chair rail height to floor, painted contrasting color
  • Put up new trim
  • Floor -- wood or tile?
  • New furniture

When will this get done...
  • When the time presents itself and the money shows itself to us!! :-)
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I Did WHAT..????

Okay, so I'm really, really upset with myself right now! I've been having some problems with my OTHER blog so I FINALLY realized it was because I have TWO Google accounts. No problem! So I thought! I never use the OTHER Google account [it's ancient anyhow, right?] -- I'll just DELETE IT!!!!!!!!!


I lost it all! Both of my blogs, my website, EVERYTHING!!! I cannot believe I did this! I work in the technology field. I know to be SUPER CAREFUL hitting the delete -- but did I obey caution? NO! I threw caution to the wind!!!


I cannot believe I was so stupid! Please tell me you've done something really mindless too? Am I in this world alone....