Friday, July 3, 2009

I Did WHAT..????

Okay, so I'm really, really upset with myself right now! I've been having some problems with my OTHER blog so I FINALLY realized it was because I have TWO Google accounts. No problem! So I thought! I never use the OTHER Google account [it's ancient anyhow, right?] -- I'll just DELETE IT!!!!!!!!!


I lost it all! Both of my blogs, my website, EVERYTHING!!! I cannot believe I did this! I work in the technology field. I know to be SUPER CAREFUL hitting the delete -- but did I obey caution? NO! I threw caution to the wind!!!


I cannot believe I was so stupid! Please tell me you've done something really mindless too? Am I in this world alone....

1 comment:

frugal southern mom said...

no your not alone! I changed blog templates and wasnt paying attention and hit delete instead of save and poof it was all gone!