Saturday, August 22, 2009

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

These just look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!
I was visiting my friend MA's blog and seen she had this site as one of her favs... Anything titled "Our Best Bites" begs to be looked into -- and YES I hit the mother load!!!! I was not disappointed at all! Was it because I'm trying to diet and craving yummies? I don't know, but I was just hoping that it had to do with yummy food. And the recipe -- of all recipes that could possible be posted -- had 2 of my most favorite YUMMY ingredients listed in the recipe name -- Toffee and Chocolate!!! Oh, yes, this is going to be good!!!

Guess what I'm going to be making! What? Did I say I was on a diet? No... I was just joking!! I meant that I'm going on a diet - after I eat all these cookies! :-)

Check it out - You won't be disappointed - These gals have it going on!
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MA said...

When can I expect some cookies in the mail? Better yet, how about a personal delivery :)

I love this site- so creative and fun! Have fun Baking!!!

Miss ya, love ya-

Kim said...

I have made a few recipes from the Our Best Bites blog and I they were both AMAZING!!! How did these turn out? I bet they are deeeeelish!