Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Road Trip of many FIRSTS

We made our trip to see our son in Idaho. We took a very long way to go see him so that we could see lots of the country side and we're so glad that we did. We left on a Sunday after seeing our Baby Girl off to Church, boy was that hard. Hubby reminds me that I "only" cried once on the hour for the 1st 4 hours and then each time she called after that which was about every 2 hours. The 2nd day was better as he kept me busy site-seeing in San Antonio which I happened to really enjoy, but did me in. [I left with a sinus infection and wasn't doing too well.] The 3rd day I slept on and off and missed much of the driving portion of the trip.
We seen and experienced many, many firsts on this trip, Hubby and I. So much so that we started keeping track of them and filled a page and then some! Of course, I have to share them!
  • Antelope
  • Arches National Park, Moab Utah -- So cool!
  • Border Patrol [see earlier post]
  • Buffalo in the real!
  • Colorado state
  • Cows wandering in city streets of the Navajo Reservation
  • Draws - Texas is full of dried draws - Louis Lamour books are too!
  • Eating a YORK candy bar in YORK Nebraska
  • Elk - though these were being "farm-raised"
  • Idaho state
  • Idaho spuds growing - lots of farms, now I know why ID is famous for their SPUDS! :-)
  • Idaho stinging nettles [nothing like ours!] & the full stinging effects of them!
  • Iowa state
  • Jackrabbits
  • Kansas state
  • Kansas City
  • Kansas City Royals Stadium
  • Man-made hermit cave - chiseled into the side of a mountain, complete with closet, bedroom, shelves, kitchen, fireplace & front door!
  • Memphis
  • Mexican border
  • Mexican flag FLYING OVER MEXICO!
  • Mission Alamo -- LOVED IT!!!
  • Missouri state
  • Missouri River
  • Mule deer in Texas - too many to count!
  • Navajo Indians
  • Nebraska state
  • New Mexico state
  • Old-timey windmills that still work
  • Oregon Train wagon rut remains
  • Petrified wood
  • Petroglyphs with the naked eye
  • Pheasant
  • Plains
  • Platte River
  • Rio Grande
  • Roadrunner
  • Sagebrush - smells wonderful!
  • Salt Lake City Utah Temple
  • Seminary Institue Bldg right next to a HS - my kids would have loved this convenience!
  • Small-scale rock climbing! :-)
  • Snake River Canyon - lots of it - it goes and goes and goes...
  • Street-less Main Street - the street had been completely ripped up! We were driving on DIRT! Downtown was teeming with activity tho'! All of which was construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, you name it, the "street-less" Main Street had it!
  • Sugar beets growing
  • Tanker in a field that was elevated to gravity feed into another tanker WHILE still connected to the ground [oil,water, ???] AND still very much road-worthy! Very weird! :-)
  • Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah -- I didn't want to leave the peace it offered me...
  • Texas state - and there is a LOT of it! :-) [We went from East to West to El Paso. San Antonio was my favorite - we're going back!]
  • The Navajo Reservation in Arizona - it was huge! We drove 150 miles of it during the BLACK of nite - they don't have street lights... We didn't see any motels
  • Tumbleweeds - I wonder if they are just dried up sagebrush - I forgot to ask...
  • Twin Falls Idaho Temple - at sunset, it was so pretty
  • Utah state, from bottom to top
  • Underground cave, under a highway!
  • Western Mountain Ranges - very much different than the Eastern Mountain Ranges
  • Wild black-eyed susan's by the millions! Field after field! I fell in love with them! They are so beautiful!
  • WILD COWS RUNNING TOWARDS OUR CAR while driving a highway of the Navajo Reservation in the middle of the nite -- needless to say, I needed a change of clothing after that!
  • Wild horses grazing RIGHT NEXT to the highway while we traveled the same highway of the crazy wild cows! Yes, another change of clothing!
  • Wind turbines in several western states, especially Texas and Montana - Oh my goodness, are those things HUGE!!!
  • Wyoming state - they have the coolest state sign! [And I do have pictures of all 15 states we went through!] ;-)
    We returned home safe and sound. Tired and worn out. Glad we did it. And making plans to do it again - but only with more time! :-) I highly recommend it!

    It does the marriage good!

    One last thing - I commented on how much I cried leaving my Baby Girl, I should tell you, I started crying 2 nights before I even left my son. I sobbed myself to sleep both nights! And cried almost the entire day before we left and the entire day we left! I have photos where I look like I'm having some serious allergic reactions! :-)

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    Sir, Are You a US Citizen?

    Hubby and I traveled the LONG way to see our son in Idaho. We hadn't long been in New Mexico when we came across a Border Patrol traffic stop. My sweet country boy, when stopped, asked the Hispanic Agent in his born and raised southern language "How ya'll doin' ta-day?" only to be asked by the Agent, "Sir, are you a US Citizen?"

    Seriously, does he think any Mexican could really talk like that??? Not in a million years!!! Ever hear a Taylor County boy talk???

    How does Hubby answer...? He says with this confident attitude, "Yes sir. I sure am, I'm from Florida. Do I need ta talk ta that guy up thar too?" The Hispanic Agent just chuckles and answers, "No, you're good."

    Guess he finally figured out that no one could possibly be that Southern except someone born and raised in the South.

    Long live the South...!!!