Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sir, Are You a US Citizen?

Hubby and I traveled the LONG way to see our son in Idaho. We hadn't long been in New Mexico when we came across a Border Patrol traffic stop. My sweet country boy, when stopped, asked the Hispanic Agent in his born and raised southern language "How ya'll doin' ta-day?" only to be asked by the Agent, "Sir, are you a US Citizen?"

Seriously, does he think any Mexican could really talk like that??? Not in a million years!!! Ever hear a Taylor County boy talk???

How does Hubby answer...? He says with this confident attitude, "Yes sir. I sure am, I'm from Florida. Do I need ta talk ta that guy up thar too?" The Hispanic Agent just chuckles and answers, "No, you're good."

Guess he finally figured out that no one could possibly be that Southern except someone born and raised in the South.

Long live the South...!!!

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