Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do You Wish I Was DIfferent?

Today my sweet Baby Girl asked me, "Mom, do you wish I was more girly and didn't love hunting so much?" In that nano-second of fear and thinking "Oh my gosh, I hope I answer this right and don't get this wrong - oh no, what if I do, what will happen? How will I wreck her life? Will things ever be the same between us again?" Oh yes, trust me, I do think like that - yes, I did think - and just that quickly.

Before I share my answer, let me share a little about my Baby Girl. She's special, you see. She's not your ordinary "girl". She's beautiful - a natural beauty. She doesn't need make-up to be beautiful, she just is. She isn't into shopping - she deplores it. She doesn't care about fashion. Her idea of fashion is the newest line of women's camo and a good pair of "Georgia" boots. Fancy cars don't impress her one bit. She loves the pickup that she bought when she was 16 with babysitting money that she'd been saving since she was 12. Sh
Male and female Mule deer
e's not afraid of work nor is she afraid of dirt. But she is afraid of spiders, snakes and bugs. Her idea of fun is riding in the woods looking for the perfect hunting spots. Her idea of big bucks has nothing to do with money - everything to do with deer.

She hunts with a bow or rifle - in a tree stand or with dogs. She'll carry her own gear and then some. She's the only girl in her hunt club. All the guys and men respect her and protect her. She belongs to them. They all treat her like she's either their little sister, daughter or granddaughter. As I said, she's special. She goes out there with manicured nails and perfectly fixed hair, but she's ready for the hunt - always!

Any boy interested in her better be worthy of her. She's got one now that she's had for awhile, that loves hunting too. But he loves fishing more. She enjoys fishing too. But her love is in the woods. She gets this from her Daddy and her brother. I was born and raised in the City. I'm a transplant to the country - but I sure do love the country life. Guess that's why she is the way she is.

Would I want her to be more girly? Would I want her to be more concerned about fashion and spend her time in the mall all the time? Would I want her to be obsessed with boys? Would I want her to be obsessed with her looks? Would I want her to be obsessed with whatever it is girls her age obsess over?

No, sweet Baby Girl, I wouldn't have you any other way. That was my honest to goodness answer. We both were relieved with the outcome. [She had even asked her Daddy if I would want her to be different and he told her that her mama would not want her to be anything she wasn't right now. Smart man!]

My Baby Girl is special and unique. How I love her so! She's becoming the best friend I'd hoped for when she was born so few years ago, as she becomes a woman herself. I'm very pleased with the woman she is becoming. I think her Heavenly Father is pleased too.
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Kim said...

You have a talent for writing! that was such a sweet post, Tonya. I hope you will share it with that sweet baby girl of yours. This is something she can treasure for the rest of her life if ever she is feeling down. I love her too, and completely agree: she is absolutely gorgeous and one very AWESOME girl!

Jennifer Porter said...

dadgum straight, wouldn't have her any other way, not that I'm her mother or that she asked, but you can tell her I said so. Miss you guys tons!

MA said...

I love TIFFANY! She is amazing, just like her mom! I love that she has different interests than the typical girl. That's what makes her her. Big hugs!!!! Miss ya.

P.S. She still owes me a squirrel hunting lesson! I don't live that far :)

Horlic said...

impressed with the way you educate your daughther. God bless.