Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Planning is NOT E-Z!!!

I'm trying so hard to plan this wedding for my daughter and still keep a smile posted on my face for her at all times and tell her just "how excited" I am.  When really elopement is on my mind more and more!!!!  I wonder how much money it would take to bribe her to elope...???  I know the soon-to-be "Mr." would be more than happy to take me up on it...  Hmmm....

Weddings are for rich folks!!  Weddings on tiny budgets are for the birds!!  I am doing this on my tiny little budget, cash only, mind you.  And it ain't easy, sister!  I've had to do a reality check after my florist practically laughed at me today.  So I've added to the budget.  Especially since I still can't find a photographer I can afford!

I really do envy these people who have the talent to capture people with photos and at weddings to boot and those that can take flowers and make beautiful creations.  I do wish I could do those things.  And then clone myself! Twice!

If only I'd married for money...  Who needs love anyhow?