Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sneak Peek from the Wedding...

Getting her hair all pretty...

 Patiently waiting while I lace her corset [which was too big, because she lost more weight - already had the dress altered 3 times!]

 The beautiful and yummy cake by Angelic Cakes!  
I use her whenever I need a special and very yummy cake!  I highly recommend her!!!!

 The barn before every thing got started...

The Wedding Party table...

 Keeping warm -- it was a cold and windy day!
(This is my beautiful Daughter-in-lay and my Mom.)

 My Dad....

 The Groom's Cake.  Yes, he loves hunting! =)

 The Bridal Buggy and the Bride's Daddy!

 The Groom and his little brother and little sister...

 The Groom and his mama...

Doesn't she make such a beautiful Bride...

I just love this Brat!

 All dressed up and somewhere to go!  Let's go!!

 Nope, this is no runaway Bride! She's running to the Wedding!

 My handsome son escorting me to my seat of Honor...

 Emotional already?

 Our dear long-time friend officiated the wedding! The Bride felt so fortunate!

 Father and Bride walking to the Groom -- A new chapter in all of our lives...

 Here comes the Bride... And Daddy is fighting for control...

 Who gives this woman over...  "Her Mother and I do..."  
I'll get him for that later!!!  Didn't he see me choking on my sobs?  
That meant NO!

 A prayer for the new couple...

 Not used to the ring - he fumbled with it quite often!

 The Bishop gave a wonderful ceremony!

  I think she might really like this guy after all...
 Father and son -- don't they just look like twins?

 My son and his bride of 2 years!

 My mother-in-law with my boys

My Hubby and our Brat

Kissing couples!
All the parents and the Newly-wed couple

The Bride's Grandparents from her parents

The bride's only living Grandfather -- and she gets away with anything with him!
She is the twinkle in his eye!  She's rotten with him!

 All of my children!

 My babies...
 Why does she keep looking at him like that?  =)
Daddy says, "May I have this dance, Little Lady?"

 Last chance for one on one talking tonight...

 She says, "I love you so much, Daddy!"

 Destroying, um, I mean, cutting of the Wedding cake...

 The Best Man Speech: "Groom, Bride, um, Good Luck." And he takes a seat!
That's a classic speech and should go into the Hall of Fame!
Taking it to the Dance Floor and Shaking my Groove Thing!

 Groom and Bride are really throwing down now!!
[The costumes are from the Photo Booth the Photographer set up -- big hit!]

The Groom's truck has been put undercover as the get-away truck.  
No one will ever know this couple has just been married!

 The couple have made it to the undercover truck safely...

... and they're off!
To start their lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Happily Everafter!!

***Photos courtesy of my Daughter-in-law, and the Bride's prior boss -- Thank you both so much!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

You MIGHT be a REDNECK if....

... your wedding march is blaring from the speakers of your car!!

The DJ was late to my daughter's wedding, so my life-saving daughter-in-law, saved the day by driving the car up to the back of the chairs and played the appropriate tracks of the cd...!  The day was saved!!!  Thanks! <3