Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you have another kid I don't know about...?

I recently asked my very most favorite cake baker/decorator in the entire whole wide world if she would make another wedding cake for me and she replied with, "Do you have another kid I don't know about...?"  I thought I was going to die laughing - but I held it together and managed with a little giggle, that I hoped she didn't hear and replied, "No, this one is for my mother-in-law."

That was just too hilarious to me!!!  

Angela had just made my daughter's cake a few months ago.  She's made my daughter's wedding cake, as well as my son's wedding cake, his Groom's cake, and my daughter's graduation cake! And I hope to use her for any other special occasions as well!
 My daughter's wedding cake.

My son's Groom's cake.

 My son's Wedding cake.
My daughter's Graduation cake.  
[I cracked it - the blame is on me - not Angelic Cakes.]

Saturday, February 5, 2011

25 Years of Love

I want to share a very short and quick love story with you about a girl named Tonya. Yes, me.

It’s 1980, at the neighbor’s Halloween party. Tonya is the new girl in the neighborhood; the odd one, that talks differently, wears different clothes - she's just different. She’s from another part of the country and a city girl to this country way of life. She somewhat knows some of the kids attending. A few are step-cousins she’s recently become acquainted with. A couple are classmates she’s recently met at class in the past couple of months. One is a new boyfriend. Another attending the Halloween party is a classmate’s brother who Tonya has not met. Yet.

Tonya’s introduction to the classmates brother is when he and her boyfriend are doing their best to turn each other’s face into hamburger that Halloween night. Not a very good first impression, wouldn‘t you say?

During the next year, Tonya had several interactions with this brother though the interactions were ever of a positive note and always seemed to involve him and the “boyfriend” making “hamburger”. He seemed to like her though. He certainly showed interest in her. She had several thoughts regarding this brother. The 2 most significant opinions she had was (1) he was extremely confident in himself and (2) she was attracted to him [and didn't know why].

Me & Hubby back in the dating years ... 12/1983

During this year, Tonya’s mom was adamant that she rid herself of the boyfriend. Which she obediently did. By Christmas of 1981 Tonya couldn’t resist that good looking cocky classmate's brother anymore. They became girlfriend and boyfriend. This relationship lasted until February of 1986 when they became husband and wife! Tonya married her high school sweetheart of over 4 years.
Me & Hubby on our wedding day ... 02/01/1986

They were young kids when they married. He was 20 and she was 19. They’ve spent the past 25 years growing up together. They’ve got 2 kids, both married now. They’ve lived in 6 homes during that time. The most recent one, they’ve been in for over 12 years.

Tonya and her Hubby have lived Happily Ever After...!

My Hubby and I have had many, many wonderful days and years together. And have many wonderful memories to go with this time. It’s come with it’s bumps in the road along the way, but without those bumps we would never have had the opportunity to grow with one another during the past 25 years ago. I am so blessed to have been moved as a young teen and moved to another section of the country and placed so I could meet my one and only.

Now that I’ve grown up with this wonderful guy of mine, I look forward to growing old with him. I pray that I have at least 25 more years with him!

Watching our Baby Girl and her new hubby walk down the aisle... 11/2010