Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you have another kid I don't know about...?

I recently asked my very most favorite cake baker/decorator in the entire whole wide world if she would make another wedding cake for me and she replied with, "Do you have another kid I don't know about...?"  I thought I was going to die laughing - but I held it together and managed with a little giggle, that I hoped she didn't hear and replied, "No, this one is for my mother-in-law."

That was just too hilarious to me!!!  

Angela had just made my daughter's cake a few months ago.  She's made my daughter's wedding cake, as well as my son's wedding cake, his Groom's cake, and my daughter's graduation cake! And I hope to use her for any other special occasions as well!
 My daughter's wedding cake.

My son's Groom's cake.

 My son's Wedding cake.
My daughter's Graduation cake.  
[I cracked it - the blame is on me - not Angelic Cakes.]

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Kim said...

lol!!! love it! Angela is very talented, indeed! :) And I LOVE your new blog background:)