Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reaping what you sow

1st Harvest of the Growing Season - Hubby LOVES his radishes!!
We love playing in the dirt, my Hubby and I.  Guess we just haven't grown up yet! =)

We have a little "square foot garden" that does very well with its harvest.  Growing in it this year is various peppers and radishes.  Elsewhere is corn, tomatoes, squash, and sweet potatoes.

This is our first time growing radishes - Hubby was pleasantly surprised to find that from sowing to reaping is about 4 weeks!  He loves to go out to the garden and reap some radishes, clean them with the water hose, and have a little "garden snack" while he waters the remainder of the garden.

Radishes - a big one that's poking out, begging Hubby to eat it!

Even our Baby Girl is gardening - from containers, because she rents -- this is her squash in the container Hubby built from reclaimed oak.  She says they are much more grown now...
It's a baby, but it's Baby Girl's 1st Harvest - Sweet Peas [she calls them buckshot peas], some call them English Peas or Early Peas...  She said it was YUMMY!!


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