Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Reasons My Mom is the BEST

This is not in any order, just 10 reasons I've come up with that makes my mama the best there is!

1.  She makes "Girls Day" rock!!  I cannot think of a more fun person to hang with on "Girls Day"! It's always filled with laughter - lots of it! Sometimes I wonder if I should wear a diaper before meeting up with her, because I know she and I are going to laugh until we cry!

2.  She gives me hope that one day when I'm "maturer" I'll be as beautiful as she is.  My mom doesn't have any wrinkles - I do!

3.  She is the definition of a "protective hen over her chicks".  Don't mess with my mama's chicks or grand-chicks -- you may not live to regret it...  She's a sharp-shooter in her profession.

4.  My mom is brave, courageous and has heart.  In her late-50's she made the biggest career change I think any woman has ever made.  She was a postal clerk - then went to school and for the past 5 years has been a Correctional Guard at an area state prison.  I can honestly say that my mom packs heat and wears combat boots.  While facing an eye disease that requires monthly shots in the eye - yes, you read correctly - she's brave and courageous, doing this so she can see us kids and the beautiful world around her!

5.  She makes the best darn fried chicken in the world -- KFC could take lessons from her!  And her biscuits too!!

6.  My kids love her as much as any child has ever loved their grandmother.  And vice versa.  She rarely missed a game when my kids were in sports.  She's one of their biggest fans, besides me and Hubby.

7.  She doesn't worry - her faith is so strong in God that He has it all under control; that whatever happens is for a good reason, whether we understand it or not.  Her faith is where it should be, worrying is an insult to God is her belief.  I've got so much to learn from her still - I'm a worry-wart...

8.  My mom inspires laughter.  She's given me some really great memories.  I'll always cherish the trip we made together to return home for my grandfather's funeral.  The time the cop told her to back up the van on his loud speaker because she was pulled up too far at a light.  Oh how we laughed until it hurt!  The time the brakes went out in her van when leaving the parking spot and she ran into the store front.  [You had to be there is all I can say on that!]

9.  She taught me to love my hubby before my kids -- a lesson that was hard to learn, but once I did, it saved my marriage and made it the wonderful relationship it is today.

10.  She's my mama and my pal.  What more could a girl hope for in a mother!?!

The list can go on.  My mom has so many wonderful things about her - these are just the ones that pop to the front of my mind as I type.  I'm fortunate and blessed and proud to say, I am her daughter!

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