Saturday, May 21, 2011


For the bulk of the past 25 years, we've been a family of 4.  In the past few months we've been down-sized by half.  It's just Hubby and I now. Both of the kiddos have flown the nest and started their own nests.  Yep, we're empty-nesters.

It seems that since our nest became empty,  Hubby and I have fallen lax in those areas that were such priority when we had kiddos at home.  One of those areas is our food storage & emergency preparedness.  We never managed to get up to one year of storage, but we usually had 3 months.  We just never seemed to have the space to handle more. 

Now we have the space, but not the food storage...  We are now committed to restructuring our lives and priorities to right that wrong!  We know that at any second we are both a step away from an accident that could prevent one of us from working, we're one storm away from a lengthy power outage, and we're one tornado/hurricane away from being without a home.

My first step in our restructuring the way I think - and rebuilding our food storage -- receiving 6 FREE MEALS, just for watching some helpful videos that took no time!!!  Ya, that's right! AWESOME - I know!  Want to add to your food storage, too, for free?  Check this link out that I learned about this awesome vendor!

Join my Hubby and I as we begin our journey to restructuring our lives and rebuild our food storage and become emergency prepared as well.

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