Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ooey Gooey Mud Pie

This is just too irresistible not to make! Especially with this heat! I just love it when I see "How Does She" email in my inbox!! That's were this link will take you - to their post for this heavenly yummy!


Friday, June 17, 2011

I just love... PINTEREST!!

Hubby and I are planning a move further into the country. We want our future home to be representative of the location. So we're planning on building our dream "country cottage". As I scour mags I cut out inspiration photos. Well many have been tossed as the "clutter" became too much. I suppose I could have created a binder for them... But, alas, a binder never seemed to hit the grocery list.

But I've been saved! Thanks to Pinterest I just "pin" my inspirations to my "board". Lovin' it!! Of course this is all electronic, over the Internet, but it must be the most awesome piece of work ever!! Ever, yep!!

If you haven't received an invite to join this wonderful world of pinning - let me know. I'd be happy to share the love with you. Did I mention it's FREE? I know I sound like an advertisement. Sorry. But when something really is a treasure, I just want to share it.

Did I mention I love PINTEREST?? :~}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Battle with my Evil Side.

I am battling my evil side today. I was in a meeting this morning regarding a takeover and in all the blah, blah I could hear greed for power and money coming out of it. I have had to fight before for the retention of positions. Why is it that management's only worry is how much they can save by eliminating positions? Having to wear a couple of hats due to this Way of thinking, it's not fair to anyone! Why not eliminate the special perks management receives instead??!!!

My evil side wants to see the fall of greedy people, I know this is wrong. So very wrong. I need to overcome these evil thoughts. Vengeance is the Lord's we are taught.

Pray for me, please. I need it today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If I could change 5 things about my body...

  1. I would change my vision - I cannot see without glasses, I'm trying contacts and they can't seem to get the Rx right.  I would just love to be able to see EVERYTHING clearly! I've been wearing bifocals since I was 37 -- too young.  Doncha think so?
  2. I would change my taste buds - I do not eat very many veggies; especially green ones.  I look at salads and they are so colorful and so pretty - but I cannot tolerate them in my mouth.  I can taste the tiniest shred of lettuce in a taco with the first bite.  It's horrible! So instead, I'd rather have ice cream, cake, cookies,...  Everything that likes to stick around with me - on my hips, tummy, rear-end. And even my upper arms these days!  YUCK!
  3. I would change my sinuses - I have acute year-round allergies.  I'm always fighting the drips. I live on allergy meds, since my teens.  Some of the steriod nasal sprays I've used over the decades have caused a crippling bone disease - that I've been blessed that the progression has been oddly slow. {A blessing has promised me that it will always be so, if I live the gospel.}
  4. I would change my metabolism - Remember change #2?  Well, I also have the world's sleepiest metabolic system, I think.  Add prescriptions and that makes it even more sleepier, and well, those cookies just love my hips even more... Again, I refer to change #2, how it would help with this, change #4...
  5. I would change the subtraction of missing body parts - I've had to have my apendics and gall bladder removed. My tonsils have left on their own over the many years of strep throat. And I am missing an ovary from years of scarring {female problems, ya know.}  If I could have lived all my life without them from the start, why suffer the pain and illness that has lead to the ugly, life-long scars, the illnesses that made parts leave on their own...  I'm just saying...