Thursday, July 7, 2011

There's sooo much!

I really have neglected my blog. I am just so busy, there just doesn't seem to be any time to blog. I take care of my baby [my pom pup] before going to work - go to work for 11 hours - come home - take care of my baby again - do some housework [trying so hard to be a good FlyBaby!] - work out in the garden few times a week - take care of the harvest I've brought in - work out with Wii Fit and/or Wii Sports - throw a load of laundry in - a couple of times a week I actually make the Hubby something to eat [he's so good about taking care of himself - I don't eat in the evenings...] -- and this is just on week nights... 

But we are progressing with our food storage as I posted we were doing.  We've managed to put together the bulk of our 72-Hour Kit -- still want to add a few "extras" since we've each got room in our buckets.  I've ordered almost 200#s of fresh produce that we'll can in a couple of weeks when it comes in.  Planning a trip to Jacksonville to purchase some dried foods to put up as well.  And each payday [every other week] we add paper products and/or canned goods to add to our shelves as well.

I want to convert my married Baby Girl's old bedroom into a bedroom for my grandma so she feels like she has a place of her own.  That means moving the Brat [aka - Baby Girl] completely out.  So I've been working on that, too.  I have a super-single waterbed [bigger than a twin, smaller than a full, but longer than both] sitting in the middle of the room that I have yet to take down and get rid of.  Anyone want it?  Let me know!

What else....?  I think that's the bulk of it.  That's what I've been up to lately.  How 'bout you?  Whatcha been doin'?


Vicky said...

Hi Tiffany, I'm just now catching upon blogging too! You put me to shame with all you're doing. I've been spending my time adjusting to a new job and focusing on doing good things for my health! I enjoy your blog! Vicky

Vicky said...

Sorry I addressed you by your daughter's name! Just realized that I did that. I was having a senior moment! I do know your name!