Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Drinking from the Saucer

I've not been enjoying life to the fullest lately due to health issues, but I realized, after hearing this poem read aloud at a training conference I attended recently, that it's been my choice NOT to enjoy my life as fully as I can. Forgive me as I go back in history just a bit.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a bone disease that is painful and potentially crippling. For one who always took for granted the ability to do whatever I wanted with my limbs, this was scary to say the least.

Being strong in my beliefs and faith, I sought the comfort of a blessing by one who holds the priesthood authority in my faith. My husband. For those of you that don't belong to my faith, this may sound odd. It may bring me ridicule from some, but that's ok. I know what I know. Anyhow, I digress. My husband worried he would not be able to attune himself to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost and bless me with the words of our Father due to his own desire to see me well. Even tho he knew there is no cure for ON (osteonecrosis). We sought the help of a dear friend who also holds the Priesthood authority to offer me a blessing.

I didn't seek for healing. Or a cure. I only hoped for comfort. I did not speak aloud my desire for I knew my Heavenly Father already knew my desire. I was blessed that if I would remain firm in my beliefs and do those things I know to be good and right that I would always be able to endure what came. With minimal and bearable pain. That I would find comfort and support from the angels who surround me found within my family and friends.

And I have.

My pain from my disease and all the procedures has been bearable. Doctors are amazed. My surgeon does not understand why the disease is progressing so slowly. But I do. Heavenly Father promised me this. I've drawn much comfort from His Blessing that He put upon my head thru the mouth of another. I am blessed. I am drinking from the saucer. I pray you are too.

Drinking From The Saucer
by John Paul Moore
I've never made a fortune,
And I'll never make one now
But it really doesn't matter
'Cause I'm happy anyhow

As I go along my journey
I'm reaping better than I've sowed
I'm drinking from the saucer
'Cause my cup has overflowed

I don't have a lot of riches,
And sometimes the going's tough
But with kin and friends to love me
I think I'm rich enough

I thank God for the blessings
That His mercy has bestowed
I'm drinking from the saucer
'Cause my cup has overflowed

He gives me strength and courage
When the way grows steep and rough
I'll not ask for other blessings for
I'm already blessed enough

May we never be too busy
To help bear another's load
Then we'll all be drinking from the saucer
When our cups have overflowed