Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pinterest Pin: Slow Cooker Boiled Peanuts

If you live in the South then you know how YUMMY boiled peanuts are. And how time consuming it is to make them at home. Personally, I'd never heard of boiled peanuts before moving to the South. Roasted peanuts, yes, but not boiled. My preference now? Oh, boiled by far!!!

I've tried making them at home before but it's really a drag because it takes a long time to process them. And, like you, my time is precious. For quite sometime we've just relegated ourselves to purchasing them from the occasional 'Boiled Peanut Vendor'. We have our favorites and those that have been deemed 'no repeat'. Hey, it takes talent to get the right amount of salt! :D

Some time ago I seen a Pin on Pinterest for making them in a slow cooker. This week I spotted green peanuts in the produce section and brought 5 pounds home determined to try the slow cooker method. I have two slow cookers: 6-qt. and 7-qt. I put about 2-1/2 pounds of well rinsed green peanuts in each cooker (they were both full - to the rim almost), topped them off with water, and gave each a whole cup of sea salt. I'm telling y'all success lies in the right amount of salt! I did this last night about 6-pm. Set both cookers on High and left them. About 11, Hubby was concerned about leaving them on High during the night because the house smelled like BOILED PEANUTS. (Go figure!!) So he turned them down to Low.

Because I'm 2-weeks plus with a UTI and couldn't sleep, at 3-am they went back up to High - how dare he interfere with my test anyhow! - and by 10-am this morning I couldn't resist any longer. I scooped a plastic cup full and went out on the back steps and started my taste test. SHUT THE BACK DOOR!!! Oh my, I have one word for y'all - YUMMM-MYYY!!!

So glad I finally tried this!!! I'm not really one to 'follow' recipes obediently but these are so easy you don't have to be precise with how many pounds and how many cups... But I do recommend not skimping on the salt! :D Yes, I know these are probably a heart attack in the waiting with the salt, but honestly, they are BOILED PEANUTS FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! :D

By the way, they were enjoyed today during General Conference!

Much love to y'all!