Monday, March 11, 2013

Lost Handwriting…

I recently was looking through some old cards and enjoying the beautiful handwriting of my mom and her two sisters. They all three write alike to the untrained eye. I can tell the subtle variances. This got me to thinking about my own handwriting and how bad it has become – then of course to how this might have happened.

When I was younger – like, much younger! – I used to write my name over and over and over. I’d write my high school name, our mascot, my class – I just loved to “doodle”. I used to write my grandma, my friends, and don’t forget the boyfriend! If I had a dollar for every time I wrote “Tonya loves [the Hubster]” I’d be a rich woman today!! I think I had decent handwriting. Of course, back in the day, we wrote our reports – no typing allowed; so I had ample opportunity to write. And it never bothered me.

Today, I never write. I type everything – all – day – long! I don’t write anyone letters – I email. I don’t write checks to pay the bills – it’s done online. I rarely have the opportunity to write. Because of this my handwriting looks horrible now. It’s become scribble! When I do write at work it’s to hurriedly jot down a reminder note from the boss. Most times I can’t even read it! Imagine – not being able to read your own handwriting! The shame of it! I ask the universe – Has anyone found the lost handwriting I’m looking for? I know it can’t be too far. … Can it?

No, I don’t think so. For the past two weeks I’ve made a point to write more often during the day and to take my time doing so. The key is taking my time and racking my brain back to elementary – how do you make a cursive Q? Never did master that one. Any-who, it somewhat resembles my old handwriting. I figure another week and I’ll be back to my old handwriting self. I also have told myself to write letters instead of emails. Then I realized that most of my emails are work related. Nothing against my co-workers, but I just am not going to take the time to handwrite all my replies to them. BUT… I can write letters to my grandma. To my mother. To my daughter. To my friends. And to my sweet Hubster! Besides, who doesn’t like getting snail mail that isn’t a bill or solicitation? By the way – that could be another hot topic we could discuss – never mind, don’t get me started on the USPS!

To my fams and peeps – if you’d like a handwritten letter – give me a holla! Oh, and make sure I have your snail mail address!

Love y’all!

p.s. While looking for a cute picture to put with this post I learned there is a National Handwriting Day!! Holy Cow! Did y’all know this? Geez, I’m bummed I missed it. Any-who it was January 23rd. Maybe next year… I wonder how I will celebrate it next year…??? Ideas?

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