Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in the rear view mirror...

As I ponder 2013 a few things stand out in my mind. A few events. A few lessons learned. A few cries and a few laughs. 

The year started out with both kids divorced, nursing broken hearts. Hubby and I a year 'wiser', closing the gap between us and 50. As a family we grew a bit closer as we felt each other's pains. Respecting one another's need for healing solace. Sometimes in the company of each other, but respectful of that need for quiet, healing, loving company. 

My daughter, always the one to look her Goliath in the eye and state 'I don't fear you' left the security of our home and took a job in N. Carolina for the first 1/2 of the year. From there she's moved on to reside close to new friends - 11 hours from our help. (Scares me to death.) She's not ready - if ever - to move back home. I worry constantly about her. She has shown signs of healing which I am so thankful for. It's my prayer she will continue to heal. I really miss my Brat. She's my BFF. I've shared many laughs and tears with her. I miss her immensely. 

Our son let a Return Missionary move in with him towards the beginning of the year. One he befriended while serving in our area. He was a blessing. He encouraged our sweet handsome son to attend the Student Ward with him. He helped him return to the living. Since that time he has met a young woman he desires for his eternal soul mate. They've tentatively set a date for March to be sealed in the Orlando Temple. 

I've learned silence is golden. Though so hard sometimes when you want to give or be hugged. I've learned that even with 27 years of marriage I shouldn't think my Hubby a mind reader. (I'm slow, I know.) I've learned we are all a product of our surroundings. Good and bad. 

As I look towards 2014 my hopes are for joy to be the main ingredient in the lives of my family. Joy accompanied with unconditional love. I hope we may all become more steadfast in living the Gospel. I hope the fruits we reap are the dreams we've sown. 

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